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Kamal Confident That He Can Beat All Opposition To ‘Vishwaroopam’ On DTH? 

Viswaroopam on DTH Platform

With Kamal’s ‘Vishwaroopam’ fast approaching its release date a lot of buzz surrounding its DTH release, is also slowly starting to gain prominence. During a recent TV show, where Kamal Haasan and Pooja Kumar were the special invitees, Pooja Kumar started talking about the sequel. That indicates that Kamal is also contemplating a sequel to ‘Vishwaroopam’, which speaks volumes about his confidence that he will surmount all the opposition to its release. Kamal intervened saying that he indeed has plans to make a sequel. Romance would have a major part in the sequel.
Any further talks about the making and release of the sequel were quelled by the actor who cheekily said that he has to be allowed to release the first part before he can start thinking about the sequel.

Viswaroopam on DTH Platform

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