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Like Amala Is Archana Kavi Also Ok With Sexy RolesPurchase Order Local 

Kerala is the smallest film market in South India and to add to its woes films in other language also find a demand thereby further cutting into the pie. But the smallness is also its strength as producers can make small films. After the likes of Meera Jasmine, Nitya Menon and Poorna, here comes yet another Malayalam actress Archana Kavi in an untitled romantic comedy. The actress received lots of awards for her performances in films like ‘Neelathamara’ where she plays a coming of age servant girl who gets the hots for the young master of the house and ‘Mummy and Me’. She also dabbled in Kollywood films like ‘Aravaan’ and is now going to test the waters in Tollywood. She will be romancing debutant actor Mahat in this breezy romantic film, to be directed by Madhura Sridhar. “We flipped through more than 70 to 80 portfolios for the last six to seven weeks, before signing Archana for the trendy role, that also has plenty of scope for performance. We feel that she fits the bill,” says Sridhar, who will be beginning the shooting of his film in October. Usually, Malayalam actresses show promise, but are reluctant to settle down in Tollywood even when the money is much more.

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