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Like Ekalavya Even Kamal Learnt By Observation 


Kamal Haasan in a recent TV show revealed the secret behind those Kathak moves he made in ‘Vishwaroopam’. The actor who hails from Paramakudi has for long been an admirer of Birju Maharaj, the legendary Kathak dancer, and when the latter saw the dance Kamal has performed in Vishwaroopam, Birjuji supposedly praised Kamal for performing the impeccably without taking any formal lessons in the dance form.
But Kamal in turn flattered the Kathak exponent saying that he has been learning the art just by watching Birju’s performances over years. He said that the fact that he still has his thumb doesn’t disprove that Kamal is not like ‘Ekalavya’. He also thanked Sashwati Sen, another leading Kathak exponent, who trained him for a couple of months.


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