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    Live picturization of childbirth puts Shweta Menon’s ‘Kalimannu’ in trouble! 

    Shweta Menon seems to be caught up in the midst of a controversy. Shweta had allowed her child’s delivery to be captured live for Blessy’s upcoming film ‘Kalimannu’. He has been condemned for commercializing the ‘most private affair of a woman’ by the Kerala Film Exhibitors.
    The Kerala Film Exhibitors’ Federation said that they would boycott the movie if Blessy includes the delivery scene. The debate began when Kerala Speaker G Karthikeyan criticized Shwetha for allowing her delivery to be captured live on camera and needless to say Blessy was condemned for shooting the delivery for commercial purposes.

    The speaker said that a few years ago, a movie titled The Birth was screened at theatres across Kerala but that one was said to be a medical movie and so, did not face any problems. But since Blessy is promoting this film as a commercial movie, it might have to face some heat since the federation feels that it might have a negative impact on family audiences.

    However, Blessy is not alone in this matter since the Film Employees’ Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) is all in support for the director. Speaking to the media, B Unnikrishnan, general secretary, FEFKA said, “The controversy is baseless. This is not the first time that a delivery is being canned. Moreover, we don’t know how he has visualized it.”
    B Unnikrishnan also said that there is a censor board which looks into such matters and besides, certain specific norms are to be followed while portraying women in movies. He added that if the board feels that a particular scene is not depicted in good taste, they will censor it. He signed off saying, “Blessy is a director with a good track record. Let’s just wait for the final output.”

    Shweta Menon’s ‘Kalimannu’ revolves around the bond shared by a mother and child, right from pregnancy. When asked to speak about the controversy, Shweta Menon said bluntly “No comments.”



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