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Manivannan – Sathiyaraj together again for Amaidhi Padai Part 2 

Manivannan was noted for releasing two subsequent directorial ventures during the same month in late 1980’s. He started off ventures as ‘Mudhal Vasandham’,’ Jallikattu’,’ Vidinjaa Kalyaanam’ and ‘Ingeyum Oru Gangai’ in a similar fashion.  His movies turned out to be those of best in quality.

Especially the Movies like ‘Goburangal Saaivadhillai and ‘Ilamai Kaalangal are movies which still remain our hearts and hold mass appeal till date. Manivannan’s “Nooravadhu Naal” turned out to be the special accalimed thriller. “Amaidhi Padai”  turned out to be the height of mockery. No such makers other than him could have wrote screenplay on politics . The makers has directed 49 movies so far. After movie “Thozhar Pandiyan”, he stopped doing movies.He was more concentrating on acting.He was active even in politics as well.

He revealed his patriotism and dedicating to Tamil. He holds much regard amaong the Ezham Tamilian. Now is he is back with full health. Manivannan is to be remake of ‘Amaidhi Padai’ as his 50th movie. Manivannan is to do remake of ‘Amaidhi Padai’ as his 50th movie. Manivannan’s choicest hero, Sathyaraj does the movie.For time being,the movie is titled ‘Amaidhi Padai Part 2’.

It seems title would be changed later. Manivannan has conveyed that the movie would prove another satire.He is to present the movie as a comedy.The Ezham issue and Spectrum issue would be presented in a jovial manner.  

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