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Mankatha success takes Actress Trisha and Lakshmi Rai on controversy 

The success of Mankatha seems to have gone into the heads of its female stars, as they have taken a warpath to have the upper hand over each other. The controversy broke out after Lakshmi Rai claimed that the director offered her the choice of characters between Ajith Kumar’s girlfriend and Sona for which Trisha Krishnan has shot back by saying that the former’s statement is ‘silly’.

Lakshmi Rai has said that she told Venkat Prabhu to explain about both the characters in which she felt that Sona’s character was meaty. It is because she would have to be part of two songs adding to that the actress was to be in the climax of Mankatha. Hence, she opted for the role.

Reacting to her claims, Trisha Krishnan says that she frankly believes that it will be funny for her to answer to Lakshmi Rai’s comments. The actress wonders why the Kanchana actress is raising the issue now. Mankatha might have 3-4 heroines but the fact is that Ajith Kumar’s love interest can only appear in the publicity materials.

Meanwhile, Venkat Prabhu has something other to say. The filmmaker says that Lakshmi Rai is confused. She was roped in to play the female lead role in the original script, where she was supposed to pair Ashwin. But plans got changed after Ajith Kumar came on-board. The director changed the script after Thala signed the project. As the movie bosses had given an advance to Lakshmi Rai, they decided to retain her in the film by giving Sona’s role in Mankatha.

Venkat Prabhu further adds that Trisha Krishnan was roped in to pair up Ajith Kumar. He ends by saying that he feels sad for Lakshmi Rai but expresses his unhappiness for letting her co-stars down.


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