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Mohanlal says he is not a detective 

Just because he is a big star people expect Mohan Lal to pass an opinion on almost everything that happens in Malayalam cinema. He is big enough for him to be followed in Tamil Nadu also so recently when the actor Kalabhavan Mani was found dead in mysterious circumstances the whole of Kerala and the media waited. They expected statements from Mohan Lal but they waited in vain for him to make a comment. He is reported to have said that he doesn’t believe that he has to make an announcement on everything “just because I am an actor it doesn’t mean that I know everything that’s been happening” he said. Recently he had commented on the stray dog menace. He said that he did not want to see any children get attacked by these dogs so that’s why he wrote about it. “I am not a correspondent and even if I was one I can only write about things that I know.”

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