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Nayantara breaks hotel furniture in Hyderabad. 

Actors are known to be short tempered and actresses more so. It’s not that they deliberately behave nastily but sometimes working in difficult places all day does make them testy. Just the other day director Gopi had to narrate a story to Nayantara in a hurry. The director had to do it to in a hurry, as otherwise Nayantara would have lost her patience and sent them all out of the room. Now we hear a much more dramatic story about Nayantara. Apparently she was staying in some hotel in Hyderabad and the room did not meet with her high standards or had some problem. We do not know the exact reasons but it is reported that she wrecked the furniture in the room. It is common to hear that a guest has taken to throwing things around. Normally the hotel just hushes up the matter after the Producer pays for the damages but this time we learn that the hotel has decided not to allow her to come back to the hotel to stay. Wonder what she did. Anyway let’s hope she learns to control her temper in the future otherwise she will have to sleep in a tent outside hotels.

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