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    Nayantara give only one chance to a director? 

    It’s amazing just how news of Nayantara invariably lifts up the project. She is definitely one of the hottest properties in all of South India and it can be seen by the coverage that the press gives anytime her name is mentioned. She has now almost finished shooting for a film by Minjur Gopi. You may recollect his name during the Kathi controversy when Gopi filed a case saying that the story of the film was lifted from his work. But that’s history now and his new film features Vignesh and Ramesh the boys who acted in Kakka Muttai. In this new untitled film Nayanthara will be playing the role of a collector. Is she a collector of artifacts or is she cast as a District Collector? Production assistants have confirmed Nayantara will be playing a district collector. Gopi had apparently taken time to work the script thoroughly before approaching Nayanthara because he knows that as a director you only get one shot at narrating a story to Nayantara. If she doesn’t like it you are out. She will just say thank you very much and go back to whatever she doing. Looks like Gopi has managed to convince her so she will be in his new movie. That is something positive for Nayantara fans to look forward to.

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