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    New style of film music in the Kollywood film Uriyadi. 

    For the first time we have seen an entire band compose music for a film. The movie is called Uriyadi and it received fantastic reviews among the knowledgeable film critics. Of course the film wasn’t a hit in the Janta entertainment category because it did not have the usual elements of mass films yet it was an exceptional film The Band called Masala Coffee consists of a bunch of talented Malayalees who are all well versed in the performing arts. They first started to sing and perform popular Tamil film song. As a matter of fact their compositions have heavy Carnatic ragas infused with western rock band sounds. The lead singer is Varun Sunil who earlier was a member of the Duo call Malabar. They didn’t get to release an audio album but their music video track is on the net under the name Malabar. It is worth watching and we are also glad to see new blood coming into Tamil cinema for the music because it is all getting to be too boring and similar. Masala Coffee just like it’s name is sure to wake you up if you are feeling drowsy.

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