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Nivin Pauly building a base in Kollywood. 

Director Gautam Ramachandran has pulled off a coup of sorts when he convinced Prakash Raj to come on board his new film. He not only convinced Prakash Raj but also got Shraddha Srinath, Natty Subramaniam and Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli to also be part of the cast. The hero incidentally is Nivin Pauly. Thanks to his Tamil films Nivin is getting more and more attention in Kollywood. Prakash Raj comes on to play the role of a sincere pastor who is so involved in his Church duties that he completely neglects his family. His name is also typical of a Tamil priest; AK Sagayam. In this family drama Prakash Raj has a bad relationship with his son but his commitment to the church is so great that he pays little attention to his son. It’s a very intelligent plot and the film promises to be an interesting one. It will surely take Nivin to greater heights in Kollywood. They will start shooting in Manipal soon and the title will be only announced at that point says director Gautam.

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