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    Only underwater ads for Kabali are missing. 

    Finally it’s just around the corner. Kabali hits the theaters on 22nd July. Literally hundreds of prints are being shown on the very first day. Theater owners have been deluged with requests for tickets and they have resorted to both rationing the tickets as well as increasing the number of outlets where fans can buy the tickets. We hear that some theaters are luring cinema goers with lucky dips based on their seat number. The only fear that is lurking in the minds of the producers is the power of social media. Today’s social media is so strong that within seconds of the theater opening the doors and the audience settling down, opinions start to flood the airwaves. This can make or break the movie within hours. Meanwhile the amount of money that has come in to the producer’s coffers from private brands is staggering. As of today we hear that over 80 crores has come in just by way of advertising and endorsements. Everybody is riding the winner, so ads can be seen practically anywhere on ground and even in the sky. As announced, Air Asia has painted one of its aircraft with pictures from Kabali. We doubt if anywhere else in the world an actor can generate this kind of hysteria and all this mind you with not a single clue on what the film is about. The trailer has got millions of views but it shows only a tiny clip emphasizing that Rajnikanth will be at his entertaining best. It’s going to be a will ride so fasten your safety belts come the 22nd of July.

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