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Padmapriya cannot be put down with erotic photographs. 

If there is one actress that absolutely refuses to fit into any box, then that has to be Padmapriya. She earned a certain amount of fame because of the infamous slap she received from director Samy on the sets of the film Mirugam. Padmapriya insisted that unless she got a formal apology she would not continue in the film. That would have led to huge losses so the director had to oblige and apologize. But Padmapriya claimed that wasn’t the victory that she was seeking but only wanted to be recognized for who she is. She has a reputation as being an intellectual sort of woman, which provoked some with criminal minds to post, fake erotic pics of her on the net. It was quite a shock to cinema fans in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu when she just cut and left for the US to continue her studies. No actress other than Padmapriya has ever left cinema to go back to academia. She has now hooked up with Jasmine Shah whom she was working with in the US. The couple had a quiet Arya Samaj wedding in Mumbai, attended only by close family members. Most of the Malayalam film fraternity was unaware of the relationship, but that did not prevent producers from lining up to sign her on her return. She had been working in an Indian think tank, which only confirms that she is really a beauty with brains.

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