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Papri Ghosh gets to star opposite Vijay. 

Vijay 60 is a widely anticipated movie from Ilayathalapathy Vijay. The film is said to be an action thriller. In any case what else can Vijay do but act in action thrillers? Bharathan who earlier had made Azhagiya Tamil Magan and Athithi is directing it. The cast consists of Vijay, Keerthi Suresh and Aparna Vinod along with a host of costars. Now into this mix is thrown in the Bengali actress Papri Ghosh. She has recently completed a few sequences for the movie but is now resting after injuring her ankle. She managed to do that by over indulging in her Zumba classes. Zumba is a kind of exercise cum weight reduction program that is extremely popular among young actresses because while losing weight Zumba also helps you sharpen up your dancing skills. In the movie Papri is playing a daughter to Y G Mahendra. Quite a bit of the film has already been shot and it promises to be a complete Vijay movie.

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