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Shruti Haasan’s New Music Album with British rock band 

Recently Shruti Haasan returned after a trip to London. She was on a routine vacation but it is said that in between her shopping outings she also pulled off a deal during this trip. Shruti’s love of rock music is well known. She has not sung too many Tamil film songs but whatever she did have been hits to the very last one. Now on this trip to the UK, Shruti has tied up with the British rock band Dinosaur Pile-up.

We have no clue what kind of music the Dinosaur pile-up guys play but we are sure that whatever she does will work for her fans. The British band will be hoping that Shruti’s collaboration with them will translate into a hit and generate a fan following in India. Apart from her busy schedule doing films in three South Indian languages Shruti earlier used to jam with her own band called the ‘Excrementals’. We have no information on which music label will release her work but in any case such stuff has only limited listenership compared to film songs.

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