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    Simbu creates havoc with his new Vote song 

    If there is one guy you cannot ignore it has to be Simbu. His father TR was an even more interesting guy who has become much more than just an actor. He has gone into the area reserved for legends. A couple of months ago Simbu released a song composed by his friend Anirudh. The lyrics of it were partly beeped out to create the impression that it contained bad words. The listener was invited to insert the words according to the sense the song made. Actually there was hardly anything to complain about but that didn’t stop people wanting to jump on his head and bash him. Now that the hubbub has subsided, in typical Simbu fashion he has just announced that he is going to release yet another song.

    This time it’s called the ‘Vote song’. Simbu’s logic is that if his beeped out song generated so mush interest imagine what he could do if all the words could be heard clearly and he sings about the forthcoming state elections. I have a feeling that the public will demand that he bring back some abusive meanings, which are not there in the original. Viva la Simbu!

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