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Suriya motivates youngsters to keep the city clean. 

Trust Suriya to be a civic-minded person. These days when the Prime Minister is emphasizing the need to keep our cities clean we see that Suriya has taken up the call and is personally calling for participation in cleaning up operations in the City. The actor who is taking a break from shooting spent a few days engaged in social activities. He has been shooting continuously for Hari’s film over the past 2 months so he took a break to take part in cleaning up after the city. He and his helpers even planted saplings along the road. He was seen broom in hand and dressed in work clothes cleaning up the roadside inspiring hundreds of youngsters to do similar good work. He is also been involved in Yaadhum Oore a social initiative by Suriya. Under this effort he adopts locations in the city to clean up. Wish we had more people like him. Actresses generally like to rake up only moolah and not rubbish from the streets. An even more effective ploy would be to persuade a couple of the pretty young actresses to join in the effort. That will inspire and attract bigger crowds of volunteers.

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