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7am Arivu movie

Ezham Arivu Movie Latest Stills | 7am Arivu Movie Stills

Click here to view the latest stills of  Ezham Arivu Movie   The film ‘Ezham Arivu’ is completely a new script in tamil. This movie ‘Ezham Arivu’ depicts the life story of circus people which is a rare occurrence in the tamil movies. Suriya plays the role of a handicapped circus artiste in 7am Arivu Full Article

Suriya Kung Fu fight in the climax of 7am Arivu | Ezham Arivu Movie

Editor Anthony has said that Suriya’s six-pack abs and the Kung Fu fight in the climax of 7am Arivu is simply superb. He has also said that Suriya in ...Full Article

Surya perfect on 6 Packs in songs of 7am Arivu | 7am Arivu Movie

Suriya is going to bare his chiselled torso for 7am Arivu in a song sequence. Cinematographer Ravi K Chandran felt that he needed six pack abs for the shot ...Full Article