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Has Nayanthara Started A New Romance?

Recently there was a small news item that announced that Nayantara is involved in a romance. That naturally set the cat amongst the pigeons and phone calls were flying all over the place. As usual it turned out to be a hoax. The actual matter was that director Prabhakaran of ‘Sundarapandian’ had signed Nayanthara to Full Article

Will Nayanthara in a bikini in ‘Love Story’ send temperatures soaring?

When it was announced that Nayantara would be seen in Ajith’s ‘Billa’ in a two piece bikini a couple of hundred thousand piggy banks would have been broken in ...Full Article

Who Broke The Affair? Prabhu Deva Or Nayantara?

The matter of Nayantara and Prabhu Deva consumed a lot of time in the media. Newspapers and magazines devoted acres of space to list their affair. The actress, who ...Full Article

With Nayanthara as heroine will Udhayanidhi’s status grow?

The director of the hit film Sundarapandian, S. R. Prabhakaran had signed producer-actor Udhayanidhi Stalin for his next film as the hero. Now sources reveal that Nayantara the industry’s ...Full Article

Actress Nayanthara best awarded for her performance in Sri Ramarajyam

The traditional Ugadi Pruskar Awards distributed yesterday in Chennai. Goverrnor Rosayya was gave away the award to eminent Telugu personalities and film artists. Actress Nayanthara also got the award ...Full Article

Actress Nayanthara donated Rs 5 Lakhs for Thane Relief

Actress Nayanthara donated Rs5 Lakhs towards the relief work for Thane Cyclone hit areas of Tamilnadu. She handed over a cheque for the sum to the Chief Minister of ...Full Article

Actress Nayanthara bought a small island near Cochin

Nayanthara’s heart will always beat first and foremost for her beloved Kerala. Which explains why despite already owning houses in Ernakulam, Tiruvalla, and Thevara she has gone and bought ...Full Article

Nayanthara said that she has a very bad habit

Nayanthara has said that she has a very bad habit that she cannot change. In an interview, the star has said that she has to get what she wants ...Full Article