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    Would Amala actually have agreed to stop acting?

    Looks like Amala Paul and Vijay’s divorce refuses to go out of the headlines and continues to hog the headline. We all know that they were a much in love couple when they got married in 2014. Somebody once sarcastically forecast that the more elaborate a wedding is the more likely it is to fail. Full Article

    Amala Paul is a potential interstate peacemaker.

    The Cauvery river tangle has make sure that Karnataka and Tamil Nadu do not bond very well. Yet cinema makes it possible for these two rival states to occasionally ...Full Article

    Is Amala Paul looking for a First day First show ticket?

    Whenever the press gets an opportunity to question Amala Paul they make sure they get as many sound bytes as possible. The reason for it is that she is ...Full Article

    What Does Amala Paul Say Or Do To Stay In The News?

    Why do all stories about Amala Paul only appear under lurid headlines? Everything she says or does is picked up by the media. It was announced recently that soon ...Full Article

    Is Hansika Replacing Amala Paul Because She Has A Better Figure?

    Hansika made a great debut opposite Allu Arjun as a yogini in the film ‘Desamuduru’ and then went to capture the heroines part in ‘Aap ka Suroor’ opposite the ...Full Article

    Can Anything Stop Amala Paul’S Climb To Dizzying Heights?

    ‘When it rains it pours’ says the adage and no one can say that with more conviction than Amala Paul. When she hit the screens the first time in ...Full Article

    How Did The Union Strike Benefit Amala Paul The Maximum?

    This has been a strange March and April thus far. This are the months when we ought to have seen a string of new releases but instead the industry ...Full Article

    Amala Paul revealed her Valentines Day plans

    Amala Paul has revealed her Valentines’ Day plans. The actress has said that she will be attending an event at the Hindustan College in morning and is glad to ...Full Article