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Manisha Koirala Gives Thanks Via An Autobiography

Finally there is some good news on the Manisha Koirala front. She had been battling with ovarian cancer and now says she is going to put down her struggle in an autobiography. The 42-year-old actress says she had turned to spirituality to cope up with the times. “Doing my best n leaving rest to Bhagwan…I Full Article

Why Has Freida Not Done More Films After Slumdog Millionaire?

Ever since Freida jumped to International fame in Slumdog Millionaire she hasn’t made much headway either in India or abroad. Freida Pinto jump-started her Stardom with a role in ...Full Article

Manisha Koirala doesn’t want speculation about her health

She had a long and distinguished career spanning over twenty years and countless hits but reports coming out of Mumbai claim that Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has been diagnosed ...Full Article

Have Sonakshi and Kangana buried their rivalry?

Sonakshi Sinha and Kangana Ranaut had a big fallout last year over being the sole faces for Salman’s celebrity cricket team, Mumbai Heroes. This year they are back and ...Full Article

Katrina paid an incredible 3 Crores to dance at an award show

Oof! It proves once again that India is star struck to the extreme. Katrina has become the highest paid performer to dance at an award show. The organizers of ...Full Article

Is It Just Great Looks That Makes Huma Qureshi A Hottie?

Bollywood hottie Huma Qureshi has been elevated to an entirely different league with offers pouring in post the release of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. The actress, who is gearing up ...Full Article

Will Rani Mukherjee’s Status In The Yash Raj Family Be Confirmed?

People love a love story and when it is a love story between two celebrities it is followed avidly. It was never really a secret that Rani Mukherji and ...Full Article

After Being Naked On Playboy Magazine What Else Can Sherlyn Chopra Do?

She became the first Indian model to pose nude on the cover of Playboy magazine. Even though she was not the girl on the center spread she did appear ...Full Article

After Sridevi Is Madhuri Dixit Ready To Make Her Comeback?

Some actresses never go out of style or least hardly ever go out of style. Madhuri is one such person. Even though it’s been what, ten years since she ...Full Article