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Who Was Anita Advani To Rajsh Khanna? Lover Or Friend?

Rajesh Khanna reportedly made his will just a month or so before his death. He specified that his property be equally divided between his two daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna. However, a day prior to Kaka’s death, members of his family reportedly received a legal notice from Anita Advani, the actor’s live-in-partner of around Full Article

Why Does Vidya Balan Skip Late Night Parties?

Most actresses in Bollywood have to put in extra hours if there are to be seen and talked about in the media. Though shooting hours are long and the ...Full Article

Is Depression Pulling Down Priyanka Chopra?

She has reached a position in her life when she does not need to downplay any issue or suck up to anyone. She will get leading lady roles even ...Full Article