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    Kajal Agarwal news

    Does Kajal Agarwal charge 8 crores for a film?

    One of the mysteries of film making is, how do you know how much to pay the cast. Almost everybody claims to have intimate connections to actors but when push comes to shove nobody really knows how to find the correct price. Recently a new production team in Chennai wished to cast Kajal Agarwal in Full Article

    Kajal knocks out all other heroines in Ajith’s AK57.

    It looks like Kajal Agarwal has bagged the role that almost every heroine in South India has been running after. And what are we talking about? It is the ...Full Article

    Who does Kajal Agarwal go out for a drink with?

    If you were to drop in at any of the up-market watering holes in Chennai there is a better than average chance that you will see some of the ...Full Article

    Isn’T Nisha Agarwal Lucky To Have Kajal As Her Sister?

    Kajal Agarwal’s sister Nisha Agarwal is debuting through the film ‘Ishtam’ in Tamil. Nisha Agarwal while speaking said, “Since I am the sister of Kajal Agarwal, people are comparing ...Full Article

    Are Kajal Agarwal And Prabhas In Love With Each Other?

    With another blockbuster success under her belt, actress Kajal Agarwal sure is ruling the roost in Tollywood. The actress, who seems to be every director’s first choice, has bagged ...Full Article

    Is Kajal Ready For Marriage After ‘The Businessman’?

    When Kajal was a young girl studying in school and college she was always picked for her looks. Her classmates still remember her as the girl who attracted the ...Full Article

    Shouldn’T Kajal Agarwal Learn Not Take Reporters Seriously?

      Kajal Agarwal, the hottest actress in Kollywood seems to have unwittingly become controversy’s child. Her recent remarks that she was not a south Indian actor created a stir ...Full Article

    Kajal Agarwal ban soon on Kollywood and Tollywood

    Kajal Agarwal has got into trouble for making a statement during the promo event of the Hindi flick Singham, which is a remake of the Tamil blockbuster Singam, starring ...Full Article

    Did Kajal And Karthi Make A Super Jodi?

    When the film Naan Mahan Alla hit the screen the reputation of Karthi was enough to generate a tremendous response. The romance between a reed thin Kajal Agarwal and ...Full Article