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    Does Kajal Agarwal charge 8 crores for a film?

    One of the mysteries of film making is, how do you know how much to pay the cast. Almost everybody claims to have intimate connections to actors but when push comes to shove nobody really knows how to find the correct price. Recently a new production team in Chennai wished to cast Kajal Agarwal in Full Article

    Finally Kajal Agarwal gets a chance to act.

    Directors generally choose their heroines based on their image. They hardly ever take a chance on their acting capability. They never think that a glamour puss may also be ...Full Article

    Kajal knocks out all other heroines in Ajith’s AK57.

    It looks like Kajal Agarwal has bagged the role that almost every heroine in South India has been running after. And what are we talking about? It is the ...Full Article

    Does Kajal Agarwal think kissing mean losing ones purity?

    The media is always curious about the love life of Kajal Agarwal. So when news got around that Kajal was seen in a passionate kiss the press went into ...Full Article

    Who does Kajal Agarwal go out for a drink with?

    If you were to drop in at any of the up-market watering holes in Chennai there is a better than average chance that you will see some of the ...Full Article

    Is Kajal Agarwal missing male company?

    One can say that Kajal Agarwal is now increasingly comfortable in her skin. Previously she would take offence at even mildly controversial questions. She has now become a pro ...Full Article

    Is Lip lock kissing the end of the world for Kajal Agarwal?

    While it being claimed by the makers of a Bollywood film that it is the first time Kajal Agarwal has kissed on camera it is simply not the truth. ...Full Article

    Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh Official Trailer

    Sardaar Gabbar Singh is an upcoming Telugu action film directed by K. S. Ravindra. Produced by Pawan Kalyan and Sharath Marar jointly under their banners Pawan Kalyan Creative Works ...Full Article