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    Was Gauhar Khan Just A Victim Of A Harmless Prank?

    Former Miss India Gauhar Khan once had a wardrobe malfunction at a Fashion show where she struggled with a zip on a skirt. The gown was designed by a well known designer but people asked whether that was pre planned. But she being s a gutsy girl she went on like nothing had happened. That Full Article

    How Did Sonam Kapoor And Freida Pinto Get Along?

    When Sonam Kapoor made her humungous debut into Bollywood with ‘Saawariya’ it was felt by all the other actresses that one could not have got a better debut but ...Full Article

    Why Do Even The Tigers Need Amitabh Bachchan?

    Finally our Bollywood stars have decided to emulate the stars from abroad and have started to use their popularity to good use. Recently in a Telethon held over NDTV ...Full Article

    Is Hrithik Set To Be Our First Hollywood Star?

    From Spiderman to Mission Impossible, Bollywood actors are finding their way into Hollywood. It is not only because our actors are looking for roles out there but many films ...Full Article

    Will Shah Rukh Ever Be Dethroned?

    When SRK broke into the silver screen after a short stint on TV nobody really expected him to make the people of the entire Indian sub continent into his ...Full Article

    Why Did Preity Show Ness Wadia The Door?

    Very few people would have done what Preity Zinta did. She gave up a life of aish aur aaram when she showed Ness Wadia the door. Full marks to ...Full Article

    Is Sanjay Dutt Still A Bad Guy?

    With Sanjay Dutt becoming a father once again we wonder if it has changed his nature fundamentally. He had been considered unstable for his role during the Mumbai riots ...Full Article

    Will It Always Be Love Stories For Saif And Deepika?

    After the offbeat and quirky film ‘Being Cyrus’ with Saif Ali in the lead was directed by Homi Adajania they have never worked together again. Now we hear that ...Full Article

    Is The Shahid And Priyanka Relationship Doomed To Sink?

    Every now and then Shahid and Kareena make the headlines with their lovey dovey relationship only to have it dashed on the rocks the very next moment. Ever since ...Full Article