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What Is This Mix ‘N Match With Deepika, Ranveer, Anushka & Ranbir?

Deepika Padukone’s been warming up, in a friendly sort of way, with her co-actor Ranveer Singh. The two have been signed for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’, but apparently the real bonding is happening off-screen say the media crowd that’s been hounding them. Until recently these 20-somethings were seen hanging out with Anushka Sharma and Full Article

How Did Kareena Do The Sex Scene With Arjun Rampal In ‘Heroine’?

Kissing while not unknown to Indians is not an activity practiced in the open let along with multiple partners. But cinema is different and once you are an actress ...Full Article

What Did Veena Malik Do That Made The Mullah’S Mad?

The fiercely independent Pakistani actress who appears frequently on Indian TV and Film based shows has once again invited the wrath of her countrymen upon her. Pakistan had previously ...Full Article

Was It Boredom That Killed Manisha Koirala’S Marriage?

They say marriages are made in heaven but in the case of Manisha Koirala they are broken on earth. Manisha Koirala, who tied the knot with beau Samrat Dahal ...Full Article

Can Farah Justify Casting Herself As The Heroine In A Love Story?

Farah Khan just made the best use of her association with Karan Johar for her debut film as lead actress opposite Boman Irani! Her film titled ‘Shirin Farhad ki ...Full Article

How Does Priyanka Do Charity Work Among All The Acting?

Priyanka Chopra is a lady with her hands full with projects. With ‘Barfii’s’ trailer out yesterday, a lot of people have made wild guesses about what the genre of ...Full Article

Why Does Karan Johar Think He Is In A Blessed Profession?

The only certainty in the world is change said a wise man. Karan Johar was one of the busiest men in Bollywood what with his big budget films on ...Full Article

Is It The End Of The Bollywood Road For Madhuri Dixit?

It is a natural progression for Bollywood heroes to start a production company even when they are busy acting but when actresses start their own production company that generally ...Full Article

Does Sushmita This Time Have Anyone In Mind For Marriage?

The last we heard on Sushmita Sen’s love life, was that she was dating a 22-year-old called Imtiaz Khatri. But the gossip turned out to be false and the ...Full Article