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    Has Marriage Changed Mamata Mohandas’ Outlook To Life?

    There are many young men who simply do not believe that their favourite heroine Mamata Mohandas is married. To them she is still then virginal girl of their dreams. As for Mamata herself she says that marriage has changed her just a little. She says it’s made her more independent. “Being a single child, I’ve Full Article

    Why Does Mamata Mohandas Like Working Opposite Dileep?

    The South Indian film industry has never intruded into the life of the actresses unlike Bollywood where every actress is under the microscope constantly. Their every move is watched ...Full Article

    Does Mamata Mohandas Feel That She Is Not Being Fair To Her Husband?

    Bold and beautiful, that’s probably the best way to describe actress Mamata Mohandas — now Mamata Pregith. Your admiration for her would multiply many times over if you knew ...Full Article

    Do Mamata Mohandas’ Songs Become Hits Because She Is An Actress?

    In India though music is extremely important in a film, it is only the names of the stars that truly count. Music directors, lyricists, singers and arrangers may all ...Full Article

    Why Do Net Users Download Mamata Mohandas’ Pics So Much?

    Mamata Mohandas is all set to be seen once again in a Tamil film after Guru en Aalu with Madhavan. Even though the film Anwar is a Malayalam film ...Full Article

    Why Is Mamata Mohandas Seen More Often In Recording Studios?

    Recently a popular website conducted a survey on who were the sexiest ladies in Kollywood and the result was a revelation. It showed that being in successful films had ...Full Article

    Is Mamta Mohandas Still Queen Among The Item Girls?

    She grew up in super conservative Bahrain but when she got to India she threw all that in to the winds. She is known as the most mesmerizing seductress ...Full Article