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Nayantara images

Was Nayantara The Reason ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ Succeeded In Kerala?

‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ was a mythological Telugu film directed by Bapu. The film depicts Lord Rama’s rule over Ayodhya after he returns home from Lanka, his separation from Sita and her reclusive life in the forest as she raises their children Lava and Kusa. When the film was first proposed there was a lot of Full Article

Is Nayantara Planning On Turning Producer Herself?

  It’s once again raining money in Kollywood productions. Twenty five crores have already been spent on Vishnuvardhan’s new film though a major part of it has gone to ...Full Article

How Did Nayantara Change From Being An Ugly Duckling?

If there is an example of a country bumpkin crashing through the style barrier in the shortest amount of time it has to be Nayantara. Born in Kerala and ...Full Article

Does Nayantara Think She Can Settle Down To Peace And Quiet?

No matter how hard you try it is near impossible for an actress to hide her plans from the paparazzi. More so if she is a high profile one. ...Full Article

Will Nayantara’S Item Song In ‘Osthi’ Upstage Malaika Arora’S In Dabbang?

If a particular film or a particular song were to become a huge hit there is every chance that it will be duplicated in other languages too. If sources ...Full Article

Has Nayantara Learnt Her Lesson Watching Trisha And Asin?

  Finally it’s about to happen. Reigning South Indian actress Nayantara is likely to be the heroine opposite Bollywood hunk Salman Khan in the sequel to his 2009 Bollywood ...Full Article

Will Sheila’S Show Of Skin Help Her Top Nayantara?

Sheela, though not as well known as Nayantara, is getting much more attention through the publicity of Adurs. The young heroine has indulged in a liberal show of skin ...Full Article

Why Is Everyone Picking On Nayantara?

  Almost every other day, a Malayali girl is being launched in the South. At the last count, there were about a dozen girls like Ananya, Meera Nandan, Devika, ...Full Article