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    Nayanthara and prabhudeva fights

    Nayanthara Means Nothing Says Prabhu Deva Today

    Prabhu Deva is having a dream run in Bollywood and that has probably prompted him to say things that are quite uncharitable to Nayantara. The two of them had declared their love for each other and Prabhu Deva had even got a divorce from his wife. Then all of a sudden for reasons unexplained they Full Article

    Actress Nayanthara indirectly confirmed the Breakup with Prabhudeva

    I was stuck in a big crisis,  however i managed to get out of it told Nayanthara. Nayanthara was seriously in love with Prabhu Deva,  got converted to Hindu from Christianity. But ...Full Article

    Will Nayanthara – Prabhudeva Relationship Break Up?

    Here comes a shocking news for the fans of Nayantara and Prabhu Deva. The couple, who has been dating for close to four years and planning for their marriage ...Full Article

    Actress Nayanthara Lifestyle in Problem | Nayanthara in Financial Trouble

    Nayanthara’s luxurious lifestyle seems to be not going well with her boyfriend Prabhu Deva. Her expenditures after bidding good bye to films have reportedly become a worrying factor for ...Full Article

    Actress Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva relationship in trouble

    Just when people were busy guessing the date and venue of much-awaited marriage of Prabhu Deva-Nayantara, a shocking speculation is doing rounds in the cine circle. Grapevine has it ...Full Article