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Priyanka Chopra images

Was Priyanka’S Rauncy Role As An Lover In ‘Aitraaz’ Her Finest?

Priyanka Chopra- a name in the industry that commands respect, for not only her acting skill, but also the way she’s climbed up the ladder to success in a short span. She has been counted as a star even as she has repeatedly been part of off-beat feature films. Priyanka started off with the role Full Article

What Sort Of Cosmetic Surgery Has Priyanka Done This Time?

It’s been talked about but no one has actually tracked down the doctor or the clinic where Priyanka Chopra underwent any cosmetic surgery. But they say its common Bollywood ...Full Article

How Does Priyanka Do Charity Work Among All The Acting?

Priyanka Chopra is a lady with her hands full with projects. With ‘Barfii’s’ trailer out yesterday, a lot of people have made wild guesses about what the genre of ...Full Article

So What Do Bipasha Nd Priyanka Talk About To Each Other?

So what if she is not close to Shah Rukh Khan any more, Priyanka Chopra is on a bury-the-hatchet spree with other actors in Bollywood. And her newest buddy ...Full Article

With Just Two Films Has Parineeti Chopra Topped Priyanka In Acting?

When it was learnt that Parineeti Chopra was Priyanka Chopra’s cousin everyone wondered whether there was any rivalry between them. It turned out to be a bit of a ...Full Article

After Dumping Priyanka Chopra Will It Be Shamita Shetty For Harman?

Actors Shamita Shetty may not have much to say when it comes to ‘hits’ at the box-office, but the two of them seem to have hit if off pretty ...Full Article

Does Priyanka Dislike Being Linked With Shahid?

Most actresses like to project themselves as simple girls. They pretend to be shocked when told that someone or the other has said something nice about them. But Priyanka ...Full Article

Why Is Priyanka Accused Of Being Cold Towards Lara Dutta?

There were rumours during the shooting of Don 2 that Priyanka Chopra had problems with her co star Lara Dutta though she denied any such rifts.”That’s wishful thinking. People ...Full Article

Why Does Priyanka Still Brood Over The Occasional Flop?

Friends of actors always advise them that they should be indifferent to the fate of their films at the box office. If they allow the success and failures to ...Full Article