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Did Vikram Learn ‘Echolocation’ Techniques For ‘Thandavam’?

It appears that playing a character with different types of disabilities is being considered by actors as a test of their ability otherwise why are they so many roles of people with  handicaps? Vikram has been in the forefront with a role depicting autism spectrum disorder in ‘Pithamagan’ and then a blind man in ‘Kasi’ Full Article

Is Tamannah Also Fascinated By Sridevi In Her Earlier Films?

It is the unspoken desire of almost every actress to be able to do any role done by Sridevi earlier. The fascination that Sridevi has for other heroines is ...Full Article

Why Does Hansika Feel Doing Sexy Dances In Skimpy Outfits Is Boring?

While heroines like Ileana, Kajal, Trisha and Tamannah have been making the occasional forays into Bollywood, Hansika prefers to stay in South India. “I don’t want to do a ...Full Article

Why Was Manisha Yadav Troubled Wearing A Swinsuit In A Film?

She bagged a biggie — M.S. Raju’s ‘Tuniga Tuniga’ alongside the producer’s son, Sumanth Ashwin. A big film like that could be the starting point for further successes and ...Full Article

Why Do Other Actresses Want To Be Friendly With Charmee?

Friendships in the film industry are at best superficial, that’s what people in the industry say. But that is a generalization that’s too sweeping as even though it’s a ...Full Article

After Being A Heroine Will Aparna Find Television Challenging?

Actress Aparna Pillai had one chance at hitting the big time cinematically but she blew it. People are agreed that she had one of the best debuts in Kollywood ...Full Article

Is Tapasee Still A Family Girl At Heart?

In the old days actresses did not end up being lonely while on location as they were invariably accompanied by a friend or relative. Even after ten years in ...Full Article

Why Does Amala Paul Have Such A Following?

We’ve all heard about shooting stars but how often do you see a shooting star that seems to burn brightly once again after appearing to burn out? Amal Paul ...Full Article

How Did Bindu Madhavi Overcome Her Parents Opposition To Cinema?

Bindu Madhavi belongs to Andhra Pradesh but completed a degree in Tamil Nadu, where she did her degree in Biotechnology. Her family was strictly against her entering the film ...Full Article