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Trisha demand in South | Busy Schedule of Trisha

Trisha is broadening her horizons considerably these days. Having reached the top in the Tamil and Telugu film industries and made her Bollywood debut opposite Akshay Kumar, she is all set to do a Kannada film with Dharshan. But that is not all, the Bhojpuri film industry is wooing her big time, hoping to get Full Article

Why Is Trisha Quite Happy Staying Single And Unattached?

Trisha must be the most married actress in Kollywood. Somebody or the other comes up with a secret marriage for Trisha every now and then. She has been linked ...Full Article

Fans don’t want Rajini-Trisha Pair

Superstar Rajnikanth’s animation film ‘Sultan: The Warrior’, started more than an year back by his younger daughter Soundarya, still remains incomplete.  Soundarya got married last September and the responsibility of completing the unfinished project was handed over ...Full Article

What Will Keep Trisha Flying This Whole Month?

In the months to come it looks like Trisha will be constantly jetting from one place to another. Some of it will be for fun but a lot of ...Full Article

When Did Trisha Become The First Assistant?

The Kamal/Trisha film Manmadha Anmbu is progressing on schedule and the enthusiasm on the sets is to be seen to be believed. Everyone is convinced that this will put ...Full Article

Why Is The Media Connecting Trisha To Drugs?

It is said that Success is its own enemy. The moment anyone starts getting big there will be many to pull you down. Trisha the reigning queen in Tamil ...Full Article