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    Is Trisha cut out for marriage or just cutting loose?

    Few people know that Trisha is a full on party girl. People think it unlikely because she has done so many of those roles in which she acts as a simple Tamil girl batting her eyelids at the hero. But in real life Trisha is nothing like that. Whenever she the chance she loves to Full Article

    What Is The Connection Between Trisha And ‘Rum’?

    Trisha’s new project has been titled interestingly as ‘RUM’, which stands for Rambha Urvasi and Menaka after the celestial maidens. Trisha plays the character Rambha in this movie while ...Full Article

    Trisha Hopes To Find Love And Happiness With Mr. Right

    The most honest among all South Indian actresses is Trisha and the reason is not far to seek. She meets questions of reporter’s head on without bullshitting or making ...Full Article

    Can Trisha get meaty roles like Vidhya Balan and Anushka

    It is nice to hear that actresses too are starting to demand better roles for themselves. Of course that can happen only when big actresses demand it. After claiming ...Full Article

    Trisha doing some bold scenes in Dammu movie

    Trisha Krishnan seems to have understood the meaning of the adage: survival of the fittest. The actress, who was once considered as an actress who was fit to romance ...Full Article