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Vidya Balan stills

What Drove Vidya Balan Into The A-List Of Heroines?

Let’s talk about the second line of Bollywood ladies. First, we have the girl who has proved that ‘Size Zero’ isn’t a pre-requisite for success. This Tamil Brahmin beauty is far from being a size zero. But films like ‘The Dirty Picture’ & ‘Kahaani’ have helped Vidya Balan have helped her rocket into the A–list. Full Article

Did Vidya Balan Attend The Iifa Awards Only Because Promised A Prize?

For the longest time ever the IIFA awards threatened to become a non event as many of the big stars had not turned up. That sent the stomachs of ...Full Article

After Vidya Balan, Is It Vimala From The South Indian Pipeline?

After trying her hand in Tollywood and Kollywood in a couple of films, Vimala Raman decided to jump into the deep end and signed a Bollywood film titled ‘Afra ...Full Article

Is Vidya Balan The New Sex Symbol Of Bollywood?

It’s one thing to be regarded as sexy, and quite another to be at the top of the Hotness chain. The measure of hotness seems to be to get ...Full Article

Will Stars Like Vidya And Nandita Show The Way Forward?

This Bollywood heroine has come of age and her roles have changed from wearing skimpy dresses, being just a pretty girl and playing second fiddle to the hero. Now ...Full Article

Why Does Vidya Balan Skip Late Night Parties?

Most actresses in Bollywood have to put in extra hours if there are to be seen and talked about in the media. Though shooting hours are long and the ...Full Article

Is Vidya Balan Voluptous Or Just Plain Fat?

Vidya Balan is still riding on the success of ‘The Dirty Picture’ but she is already looking forward to ‘Kahaani’, which is touted to be another power-packed, performance-oriented role ...Full Article

FIR Against Actress Vidya Balan for Indecent Exposure Stills

Hyderabad Police have registered a FIR against actor Vidya Balan, following a complaint by an advocate, who alleged that she had posed for indecent photographs on the posters and ...Full Article

Is This A Teaser Or A Trailer For Vidya Balan’S ‘Dirty Picture’?

The campaign on TV for The Dirty Picture has taken a full frontal approach (pun intended) with Vidya Balan’s act crossing unimaginable boundaries with the first theatrical promos that ...Full Article