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Viswaroopam shooting

Kamal Viswaroopam Shooting spot stills | Viswaroopam Location Stills

Actor Kamal Hassan and Cinematographer Sanu Varghese at Viswaroopam On Location Stills. Most Looking Posts, No related posts.Full Article

Bollywood Actress Chitrangada Singh Refused to Act with Kamal in Viswaroopam

Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh has turned down an offer to work with Kamal. The actress has refused to act in forthcoming movie Viswaroopam, which stars Kamal Hassan. The actress has ...Full Article

Kamal, Anushka to fly Jordan for Viswaroopam shooting | Viswaroopam

Kamal Hassan has planned to shoot his forthcoming directorial venture Vishwaroopam in Jordan. According to sources, Kamal will fly to Jordan with his heroine Anushka and team soon.  Already ...Full Article

Kamal Viswaroopam Shooting currently at OMR, Chennai | Viswaroopam

The latest buzz on Kamal’s Viswaroopam is that the shoot has begun currently at Old mahabalipuram Road near Chennai where a set was erected and a number of scenes ...Full Article

Kamal says about Priya Anand in Viswaroopam | Viswaroopam

There were reports that the 180 heroine Priya Anand would play one of the female leads in Kamal Haasan’s Viswaroopam. When the star, who is also the director of ...Full Article

Actress Priya Anand in Viswaroopam | Viswaroopam

Priya Anand is two films old in Tamil cinema. She was first seen in Vaamanan and she followed this up with Nootrenbadu. Her third film is a biggie as ...Full Article