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Why This Kolaveri Di

Case filed against Why this Kolaveri di song in Kerala High Court

A PIL (Public Interest Litigation) has been filed by the Kerala High Court by one Mr. Madaswamy claiming that the violent lyrics are “badly influencing minds of young children.” He has asked for the song not to be screened in public. Mr. Madaswamy is a postal assistant from Idukki and is in the Guiness book Full Article

Rs.2 Crores Budget for Shooting Kolaveri Di Song in 3 Movie | 3 Movie Shooting

One of the most expected movie of the year is 3 which has Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan in the lead roles. This film is being directed by AishwaryaDhanush. Anirudh ...Full Article

Dhanush 3 Movie Audio Release on December 23rd at St George school | 3 Movie Audio Release

The most-expected Tamil album of the year is 3….According to reports, the music will be released at St George’s school grounds, Chennai. There were speculations that Rajinikanth and Kamal ...Full Article

Actress Mallika Sherawat performing dance for Why this Kolaveri di song

Actress Mallika Sherawat performing dance for Dhanush  Why this ‘Kolaveri di  song in the forthcoming Tamil movie 3.. please hold !!! The Fact news is the actress will be dancing ...Full Article

AR Rahman Praised Dhanush for Why this Kolaveri Di Song

Dhanush next romantic comedy  movie 3 single track song why this kolaveri di become world popular hit and all leading celebrities that have praised and now this song is praised by the Oscar winner ...Full Article

Dhanush Why this Kolaveri Di Song Shooting | 3 Movie Song Shooting

The next schedule of Dhanush 3 Movie Shooting will be starts from December 15th. The Director Aishwarya Dhanush planned to shoot the visuals for the Why This Kolaveri Di song. ...Full Article

Dhanush impressed on Milk Version of Kolaveri di Song | Kolaveri di Milk Version Video

Dhanush’s ‘Kolaveri di’ track became an easily humming song in no time. Now, the latest version of it sung by singing sensation Sonu’s four-year-old son is also on the ...Full Article

Dhanush Directing his First Movie with Amitabh Bachan in Bollywood

The exciting news of Kollywood is Dhanush Bollywood Dreams, where he already announced that he would like to direct a movie in bollywood with the leading stars.  If everything ...Full Article

Dhanush Why this Kolaveri Di Receiving Gold Award by YouTube

Dhanush 3 Movie Single Track, Why this Kolaveri Di has turned sensational and smash hit over the country. Another success and additional cap of this songs has been awarded the ...Full Article