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Trisha genuinely cares for animals 

Not many people practice what they preach. In fact celebrities are known more for breaking their promises than for keeping them. But in Trisha we seem to have a different kind of celebrity. She is known to be an animal lover who even brings home abandoned puppies to look after them until they better. Most people forget what they said when they are attending press conferences. But Trisha recently did more than just give lip service to animal welfare. A city couple that had a Shih Tzu pup named Teddy were worried when their dog did not turn up at the house after being taken out for a run. They printed 4000 leaflets and distributed it in their neighborhood and even tried to locate their pet through CCTV footage. Finally they saw some footage, which showed their pup being carried away by some men. The search for the dog was initiated by Trisha who made an appeal on social media. She merely tweeted to all her friends to look out for the pup. She asked all the people out there to please stop only sharing the message but to look and find the dog. She said the family is desperate to locate Teddy. The pet dog was finally located and returned to its owners. This shows that Trisha is not your ordinary film star.

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