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Vedhika plays a glamourous mother in James & Alice? 

Didn’t Vedhika know that she was only acting when she took part in the Malayalam film James and Alice? She complained to the Asst Directors lightheartedly that she had a tough time acting as the mother of a little schoolgirl. In the film she was suppose to yell at her daughter most of the time. Vedhika had to scream at the little girl very often and that made her unhappy. It made her so unhappy and sad for the little girl that she used to go to her and apologize to her every now and then. She even gave the poor little girl a couple of gifts to make up for her bad behaviour. This only proves that Vedhika was putting her heart and soul into her acting because otherwise very few people really feel bad after acting bad. She had once earlier played the role of a mother is in her Tamil film Paradesi which won so many awards. Vedhika is considered a glamour actress yet she is busier in Malayalam cinema where she does serious roles. She moved while she is doing a few films in Kollywood too.

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