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    Veer Sivaji songs are released in different countries. 

    Kollywood is always on a never-ending search for new a sensation to promote their films. After what is called out of the box thinking, producers have now come back to that old tried and tested formula of creating a sensation with their songs. Film song posters sometimes with the real and sometimes with graphics backgrounds their now come back to support launching each song in the film separately. That way they make each of them into an issue. Recently for the songs from the film Veer Shivaji the music director Gibran and director Abbas Akbar embarked on a cross-country trip from Chennai to Singapore releasing a song wherever they visited. It was the film Naanum Rowdy Thaan that started the trend of releasing hit song as a standalone product. It is common enough in the west but generally not so in Kollywood. When Anirudh and Vignesh Shivan got together they thought of this idea of releasing every song in a different country. Let’s see if this really makes a difference to the public who basically don’t care how a song is released. Anyway at least it will give an opportunity for a holiday at the Producer’s expense

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