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Vignesh replaces Prabhudeva in Nayantara’s life. 

It looks like it’s beyond doubt that Nayantara and Vignesh are a couple in love. They have separately but at the same venue confessed that they are more than just friends. Like all smart people she actually didn’t announce ‘I love Vignesh’ nor did he say ‘I love Nayantara’ but if you read between the lines it is very clear that they are a pair. This happened recently at a film awards function in Singapore when they went on stage in Singapore to receive their awards. Nayantara had won the award for being the best actress so when they called up a few senior artists on stage to give Nayantara her award she shocked everyone by saying “I would prefer if Vignesh came up and give me the award.” She could not have made things more clear. Incidentally Vignesh also got his Best Director award for the same film Naanum Rowdy Thaan. After that, the two of them could not take their eyes off each other. Nayantara also couldn’t stop laughing and giggling through it all like a teenager in love. So is that the end of Nayantara as a single girl?

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