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Vikram owes much to Sethu and his character Chiyaan 

Even though most actors privately acknowledge that luck played a major part in their success, when it comes to making public statements they don’t generally agree with that. They always say that it was mostly due to their hard work along with some luck. But we have Vikram who confesses that he credits a lot to lady luck. The luck factor that he is referring to is nothing else but being picked for the movie Sethu by director Bala. The character that he played in the movie is closest to his heart and because of that success he even loves being called by his name in the movie even in real life. He prefers being called Chiyaan than by his real name Kenny or his screen name Vikram. After struggling for many years on the fringes of Kollywood and a lot in Malayalam cinema he is now among the top five with a string of hits to his name. His new film where he plays a boxer is sure to take him even closer to the top. He is still incredibly youthful looking so it was quite a shock to his fans to learn hear that his eldest daughter is old enough to get married. His fitness regime makes him the first choice for tough guy roles.

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