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What Are Meera Jasmine’S Unique Views On Marriage? 

If you’ve been wondering where the beautiful Meera Jasmine has gone, you’re one among many who have been wondering the same. When Meera appeared in a spate of hit movies it was felt that the industry has got itself a versatile actress. Then rumours began to circulate that she was being difficult on the sets like turning up late etc. But whatever that may be she is still a much sought after actress and for people who are still wondering where she is here is an interesting piece of news for you. Meera is in a relationship with Mandolin maestro U. Rajesh brother of U. Srinivas to whom he shares a striking resemblance. But wait, it is not over! They say they have no plans to marry. Meera revealed that she has already begun living with Rajesh and when asked when she planned to marry, Meera said that since she didn’t believe that marriage is any guarantee of marital happiness that is the reason why she decided to start her life with him without a formal ceremony. According to Meera, the advantage of living together without marrying is that there won’t be any worry about divorce and court proceedings. She was clearly hinting at the failures of a few celebrity marriages.

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