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What does Hansika got to do with anti Brahmanism? 

Hansika’s recently released Telugu film with Vishnu Manchu titled ‘Denikaina Ready’ has run into a spot of bother. Brahmin organizations have accused the actor of showing Brahmins in a negative light and derogatory way in his film and they organized protests in front of his house. Vishnu is the son of veteran actor and MP, Mohan Babu. Police complaints have been filed by a citizen against the film, Vishnu and his father.  Mohan Babu is incidentally the producer of the film. Fortunately there are no complaints against Hansika who had earlier said that she loved the story line.

Both Vishnu and the Brahmin organizations have approached the Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission. Things became ugly when the actor’s car was pelted with stones and footwear outside the Commission Office. Protestors lodged a complaint with the commission accusing the actor of attacking them in front of his house.

The commission has refused to recognize Vishnu’s complaint and he said that there were some vested interests behind the protests. He added that he and his family will not be cowed.

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