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What gives Suriya the right to hit a defenseless boy on the streets? 

Kollywood fans were shocked to see a report on Youtube in which Suriya has been accused of assaulting a young boy. The young lad talking to a battery of cameras said that he was going home after watching a cricket match late in the evening when he had an accident with a car in front of him. Apparently the car owner was a lady and he had arrived at some sort of settlement on compensation (even though he was the one who hit the other vehicle). Out of the blue he claims Suriya drew up in his car next to him and without even inquiring about what happened Suriya slapped him hard on his face.

It was a shock to him so he is called his family on his mobile. His family members turned up after a while and took him to the police station to lodge a complaint. Suriya by then, according to the boy was bundled into his car by his bodyguards and driven away from the scene of the accident. We really don’t know the truth of what had happened but it didn’t look like typical Suriya behaviour. He is known to be a gentleman so slapping a boy without any reason is totally out of character but still an investigation must be made.

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