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What Is Bhumika Chawla’S Idea Of Being Sexy? 

After having taken a few hard knocks in their first venture into film making Bhumika Chawla and her yoga instructor husband Bharath Thakur have for the moment dropped any new productions. Bhumika smartly realized that production is not everybody’d cup of tea and has signed up for a film once again. She had made a mark in South Indian films and to an extent has even acquired South Indian tastes. For instance her choice of idli and chutney instead of a parantha for breakfast is indicative of her long association with South films. In every other way she is a pucca Punjabi. She will soon be seen in the Tollywood film ‘April Fool’. She has been more careful in her choice of films and she says the increasing trend towards making actresses looking more and more desirable has meant making actresses strip down to a minimum. Bhumika has a point when she says that desirability is not all about exposing but is also about appealing to a man’s brain. She says very rightly that even a well written dialogue in a film will be sexy. She feels that those aspects have been ignored by directors and unnecessary emphasis has been placed on a woman’s body. Are any director’s out there listening?

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