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What made Jyothika say Suriya is a good husband? 

It is an acknowledgement that her husband Suriya is a good man that made Jyothika stand up in public at an Award Nite function and compliment him. She actually said ‘I love you Suriya’ in front of a huge crowd of people. Most actors and actresses tend to take their families for granted when the public lavishes all their love and care on them alone. It is but human nature when you get some unqualified love to think that you are indeed a Superman or a Superwoman in private. But Suriya’s good mature is also without doubt due to the good values that were inculcated by his father Vijaykumar. Surya always acknowledges his wife’s contribution not just to his family but also to cinema itself. Suriya as per Jyothika is a very considerate husband and father who put them before his own needs. Jyothika herself would have understood if husband changed a little bit after marriage but it is her good fortune and because of her good nature that Suriya continues to be the good man the people know him to be.

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