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What On Earth Is Mani Ratnam Spending 50 Crores For On ‘Kadal’? 

kadal_Mani Rathnam

The budget of films in India is generally in proportion to the fee paid to its top stars, promo and technicians. So if a movie costs 100 crores you can be sure that over 75 crores have gone into paying the stars, technicians and towards promotions while 25 crores would have goes into the making. Master filmmaker Mani Ratnam is known for creating magic on screen; and with the combined cost of his three versions of ‘Raavan’ touching `100 crore, the director has proved that he can make big budget flicks work too. His current project ‘Kadal’ is being made with a budget of a whopping `50 crores. However, the surprise is that it costs so much when the lead pair are debutants Gautham Karthik and Tulasi Nair. The film’s co-scribe B Jeyamohan, confirms, “The film is being made on a huge budget of `50 crore. This gives us a lot of creative freedom while scripting for such a film.” The noted writer, who also has a few Mollywood projects in his bag, says both he and Mani had discussed four films they could do together earlier before zeroing in on ‘Kadal’. “This could be the first time Mani is shooting the entire film against a rural setting,” says Jeyamohan.

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