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What Was The Bet Ranbir Kapoor Made With Anurag Basu? 

Giving up smoking is one of the most difficult things to do. Even actors who are highly disciplined find it an impossible task but not Ranbir Kapoor. He seems to have kicked the butt after a bet he placed with Barfii director Anurag Basu. ‘Barfi!’ it seems, has proved to be beneficial in more than one way for Ranbir.  He stood by his resolution and kicked his smoking habit after he lost a bet with Anurag Basu. It seems that while shooting Barfii Anurag used to constantly lecture him about the ill effects of smoking. Tired of the director’s goading, Ranbir put forth the statement that he would quit smoking if ‘Barfi!’ were to cross the Rs 70 crore mark. Yesterday Barfii crossed the Rs 70 crore mark and before director Anurag Basu could call, Ranbir made the first move. The actor SMSed Basu and said he would keep his side of the bargain and quit smoking for good. Only last month Ranbir was slapped with a fine by a local court in Udaipur after images of him smoking on the sets of his film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ were published in a newspaper. Anyway, we wish him luck and hopes he remains a non-smoker and doesn’t go back on his word…unlike so many other Bollywood actors before him.

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