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Who Broke The Affair? Prabhu Deva Or Nayantara? 

The matter of Nayantara and Prabhu Deva consumed a lot of time in the media. Newspapers and magazines devoted acres of space to list their affair. The actress, who was named Diana Mariam Kurien by her parents, switched to the name Nayantara when she entered films some years back. Though she was born into an orthodox Christian family, Nayantara used to visit so many Hindu temples during her leisure time. Reports in the press said that Nayantara’s parents were insisting that Prabhu Deva should accept Christianity in order to hasten the process of his wedding with their daughter. Prabhu Deva, though, was said to be very adamant that it was not him but Nayantara who would have to get converted to Hinduism in order to marry him.

From the very beginning the affair between the much-married Prabhu Deva and the hot and happening Nayantara seemed an odd one. Her manager hinted that as Nayantara became more and more successful she became more and more unpredictable. He recalled instances when she would suddenly call him and ask him to arrange for large sums of money to buy Prabhu expensive gifts. No matter how much he tried to dissuade her Nayantara would not take no for an answer. Prabhu would apparently spend a lot of time at her beck and call. As for the question of becoming a Christian to marry Nayantara it appears that his patience and perseverance paid off finally as on the heels of an impending marriage with Prabhu Deva Nayantara embraced Hinduism.

Not many people know that Prabhu Deva was granted a divorce decree by a Family Court in Chennai, paving the way for his separation from Ramlath. Incidentally she was born Muslim but embraced Hinduism and changed her name to Latha to marry him about 15 years back.
Many producers were petrified that Nayantara would suddenly quit acting putting their films in danger but finally nothing happened because she lost interest and decided to keep doing films. For about six months Nayantara kept the entire film gossip industry supplied with daily gossip and sensationalism.

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