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Who Is Samantha’s Secret Dream Lover? 

samantha in love

Samantha in an interview to a daily has confessed that she is in love, but refused to disclose the identity of her beau. The actress is at the peak of her career, and for the moment wishes to concentrate on it. Though marriage is not in her immediate ‘to-do’ list for now she is definitely not striking it off.

Considering the fact that she has been tirelessly working over the last year and has never had any time off to hang around with friends, the possibility is that she is referring to one of the actors that she has been working with. Hope she does not end up falling in love with an already married man. Samantha feels it would be wonderful to have a family and she draws inspiration from her mother who took care of the family is a selfless way. In a departure from the usual where actresses say that they will continue to act after marriage, Samantha revealed that she would hang up her boots post marriage. But for the moment, she wants to use her time to grow as an actor and marriage will happen only after she’s done achieving what she set out to.

samantha in love

samantha stills

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